Round Chilli / Mundu Chilli / Gundu Chilli – Dried Red Chilli

The Red Round Chilli Dried/ Mundu chilli pepper is mainly grown in Tamil Nadu INDIA. These small, dried round red peppers have a thin skin and a unique flavour that enhances the taste of many dishes. While they are not very spicy, they offer a chilli-distinct taste.

The Mundu Chilli has a unique round-shaped specification with a short length. It has dark reddish shiny thick skin. The Gundu Chilli have a very less percentage of capsaicin compound that produces medium scale pungency level.


  • Appearance/Color:            Light Red
  • Type:                                     With Stem/Stemless
  • Shape:                                   Round
  • Taste/Flavour:                    Less Spicy
  • Pods with Stalks:                 1%
  • Damaged or Discolored Pods: 2%
  • Broken Chillies:                   2%
  • Loose Seeds:                         1%
  • Drying Process:                    Sun Dried
  • Pungency:                              15000 – 30000 SHU
  • ASTA:                                      30 – 40 (Max)
  • Foreign Material:                  1%
  • Packing:                                 20Kgs / PP Bag