Coconut Ball Copra / Whole Round Copra


Coconut Ball Copra or Whole Round Copra from Coconut: The dried flesh or kernel of the coconut is called edible copra, often referred to as ball copra. The dried coconut kernel known as copra is manufactured from fully developed, recently harvested, and stored nuts. Ball Copra is often a flawless, well-dried whole of the coconut kernel that is employed in a variety of cuisine recipes, religious rites, and as a delectable nut.

In addition to being consumed raw, either alone or combined with other dry fruits, copra is also used to make desserts and as a garnish for a variety of foods. It is a necessary component for ceremonial events and is also utilised as a religious offering.


Cultivation Type:              Natural
Shelf Life:                           3 Months
Colour:                                Natural White
Texture:                              Hard
Form:                                  Solid
Coconut Copra Size:        Medium Bold
Weight Per Piece:             140-200 gm
Type:                                   Dried Coconut
Country of Origin:            India
Available Grades:             A Grade
Moisture Content:            7 – 8%