How to check the Quality of Green Cardamom?

Cardamom capsules are seed pods derived from plants of cardamom of the family Zingiberaceae.

Cardamom can be of light and dark green colour with size from 5 mm to 8+mm as per the variety and grades. Colour is the most crucial aspect to consider while buying cardamom. However, if the cardamom pods look too green, there may be artificial colours used to make them seem fresh. If they look yellowish, they may either be fully matured or its too old. Rub cardamom pods between your fingers to see if there is any colour being released. If not, you are having a good quality Green Cardamom.

Green Cardamom Different Grade Size

Quality and Price of Green Cardamom is based on its Pod Size. Bigger the pod Size, more number of seeds and probability of having dark black seed inside. Infact the greater oil and rich aroma will be better in big size pods.

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