Raw Cashew Nut from Kerala, INDIAN Origin 2021 Crop Season

Kerala, INDIA. 01 Feb 2021: The big bang start for Raw Cashew Nut season from Kerala is going to hit the market soon.

Kerala cashew crop is always having an advantage over other Indian origins and West African origins since its harvesting start earlier hence better crop value for the growers.

The demand for Raw Cashew Nut is stable due to a lot of internal and external factors of the present pandemic situation. The last crop season of 2020 found a huge downfall in the arrival of crops may be due to lockdown issues during harvesting periods. The average pricing was around Rs 90 / Kg where most of the crop went to the Panruti Market, Tamilnadu.

Even the Indian market is good for cashew kernels, most of the processing units are running in loss due to the huge cost of production and other origins’ arrival in the Indian market through an illegal manner. The export market also seems very tight due to competition from Vietnam. The Central & State government need to boost the Cashew Industry with better schemes that will help survive for the long term.

The Cashew Industry needs to find a better way to find local raw cashew nut the local crop as their main source for raw materials. That will bring better value for both the Nation and Society. What to intent is really simple, try to control depending on any Imported Raw Material form other countries. Cashew Crop needs to consider under the Plantation sector to increase the production locally.